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As a Citrus County teacher, Laura Gatling-Wright has a deep appreciation for the challenges and triumphs our educators face.

Staffing & Compensation:

  • Citrus County faces challenges with staffing, particularly in areas like transportation, due to competitive pay and benefits offered by surrounding counties.

  • Insurance costs, especially for family plans, are prohibitive and must be addressed to attract and retain qualified employees.

  • Lack of parental leave policies and clear guidelines for behavior management contribute to difficulties in retaining staff.

  • Increased administrator visibility is an important element in shaping a proactive approach to behaviors.

  • Alternative incentives, such as improved insurance, parental leave policies, and childcare options, could make the Citrus County School Board (CCSB) more attractive to potential staff.

Curriculum & Resources:

  • Ensuring that curriculum and content adhere to standards while maintaining rigor is essential for student success.

  • Teachers should have access to research-based resources and materials that meet the needs of diverse learners.

  • Incentivizing certifications can help address the shortage of qualified personnel.

  • I pledge to continue building relationships with families and caregivers, providing transparency, and access to their child’s education.

Support for Educators: 

  • Vague legislative language can create uncertainty among educators. Clear guidelines are key to effective  classroom management and curriculum implementation.

  • Providing curriculum guidelines and vetted resources at the district level can alleviate the burden on teachers and ensure compliance with standards.

  • Protecting teachers' planning time and ensuring manageable workloads are crucial for their effectiveness and well-being.

  • Attracting and retaining qualified staff is essential for student success and community investment.

Career Readiness:

  • Advocating for changes in requirements to remove barriers to graduation is important for students, particularly those pursuing career and technical education (CTE).

  • Expanding dual enrollment and trade certification programs will promote career readiness and help meet workforce demands.

  • Establishing trades academies could address staffing shortages and provide students with diverse career pathways.

Support Safe Schools:

  • I pledge to advocate for a review of bullying policies to ensure consistency of consequences and promote school safety.

To learn more, check out my bio or visit us on Facebook: @laura4ccsb

Transparency. Community. Excellence.

Transparency. Community. Excellence.

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